Smart LCD Touch Screen Fruit And Vegetable Mask Machine



Product Description

Product name: Vegetable facial mask machine

Product material: ABS

Power supply mode: straight plug

Use voltage: 110-220V

Frequency: 50-60HZ

Maximum power: 90W

Product size: 11.9*9.9*15.1cm

Product weight: 0.4kg (bare metal) 0.93kg (including packaging)

Packing size: 24.5*17.5*15.5cm

Packing size: 55*50*32mm, 12pcs/carton, 11.5kg

Product List: Host, Power Cord, Collagen*32PCS, Instruction Manual, Cup Size*1, Brush*1, Puller*1


1. Press and hold the power button to turn it on.

2. Add 60ml of water.

3. Add 20 ml of juice.

4. Add a piece of collagen.

5. Press the operation button to make the mask.

6. Place the mask under the drain.

7. Press the drain button to drain the liquid in the mask.

8. Automatically enter the cleaning mode.

9. Add 80ml of water.

10. Clean the machine with a brush.

11. Press the operation button to start cleaning.

12. Press the drain button to drain the liquid.


1. The total amount of liquid added to the machine should not exceed 90ml.

2. The machine is not waterproof, so please do not wash it with water.

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